The Directorate is working in following four units:

  • Informing: Providing clear, accurate and unbiased information to the students for enhancement of educational qualifications.
  • Advising:  Helping individuals to evaluate their needs as well as the available options by offering suggestions based on knowledge and experience.
  • Counseling: Working with individuals in a non-directive way to help them explore and assess their needs and the available options.
  • Coaching: Structuring learning experiences for individuals to gain new skills and knowledge.
  • Advocacy: Taking action on behalf of and with the agreement of individuals.
  • Problems Solving: Trying to find out solutions to the students’ problems.
  • Feedback to System: Alerting organization to tackle with problems experienced by students, which require changes in the system.
  • Students Co-Curricular Activities: Coordinating Students Extra-curricular Activities in the Regions and main campus.
  • Other Activities: Attestation of Scholarship Forms on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor received from other educational institutions including government/semi-government/NGOs.